Iar.ariful Islam & team
Anontex Group
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

This is an Airline Office Interior Design of the newly launched JB Airlines. JB (Jaj Bhuiyan) Group started its journey in the aviation sector of Bangladesh with the introduction of JB Airlines. The Airline office is located at Jasimuddin Road, Sector 3 of Uttara Dhaka, and Zero Inch Interiors’ provided full services for the Airline Office Interior Design.   The main theme of our design was ‘Aviation’, with an overall neutral and clean palette.

Upon discussion with our client, we came to a conclusion that the office interior design should be contemporary and it should represent the company’s motto seamlessly. The Airline Office stands on the 11th floor and the site is near the Airport. This comes with the wealth of spectacular views of the runaway from the office windows.  We decided to not obstruct this exquisite view, but rather complement it with our design so that the open horizons could be enjoyed. The idea was to make an evocative of an airplane inside the Airline Office Interior Design in a simplistic and modern way.  We had to create a free flowing working space that dealt with aerodynamic shapes and forms.

In the 2,000 sq feet office space, we made a medley of aerodynamic shapes using curves, angular and diagonal lines. We knew this Airline Office Interior Design had to strongly reflect the brand and their new venture in aviation.  Experiences of flight- aerodynamics, weightlessness, open horizons etc were skillfully placed throughout the office space. Starting from the ceiling design to the angles of the built-in furniture; it all resembles airplane parts. This gives people an impression that they are actually inside an airplane while visiting the office. Upon entry, they are welcomed by a dynamic reception desk and a small seating arrangement.  The attention is immediately dropped towards one of the feature walls that is an evocative of an airplane cabin.  Three windows are carved with a picturesque view of delicate clouds and JB airplane flying.  This takes the visitor’s mind into a wonderful flight experience where serenity and dynamism merges.

The lighting of the Airline Office Interior Design plays a vital role in creating a functional space. No matter how much dynamism is brought into the space, it is, after all, a workplace. The employees need to feel refreshed and motivated to work.  Catering to that need, layers of lighting has been installed for illumination. Subtle at times, bright and alive at others, the lighting arrangement accentuates all the shapes and volumes introduced throughout the office without being too distractive. In the conference room, the minimalist profile lighting fixture highlights both the spectacular ceiling and the conference table, making it a functional workplace.

In order to translate the shapes and forms of an airplane in an abstract manner, minimal colors have been used.  White is mainly dominant interspersing with blue and warm wood.  Veneer board and white lamination board were implemented to create the furnishers.  Carpet tile was used for a comfortable and durable flooring solution. All the furnishers for the Airline Office Interior Design were made bespoke by Zero Inch Interior’s.  In order to keep the transparency of the space, roller blinds were used.

All in all, our aim was to create an Airline Office Interior Design that was fully in tune with the company’s business, and we have successfully made that into being while at the same time encouraging a much more inspirational workplace for the employees.