Iar.ariful Islam & team
6 month
project type:
Interior Design


The project “CNG filling station” is located at the Faridpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The programs of this project included filling station area, dining area for travelers with commercial kitchen, admin office for management and directors and a utility area( sub-stations, generators, public toilet). The project had ground coverage of 2,900 square feet. The project started in the year 2014 and  has been completed since then.

Since the station was beside the main route of the Faridpur highway, the general idea was to create a highway interlude within the CNG filling station. The filling station was built in a way so that the fueling installation was placed underground, pump machines were placed in the fore-court and a service point, along with certain public facilities was designed inside the building. Single or multiple tanks of fuels or gas were deployed under-ground. The client wanted a station that was unique in terms of its functions and form. He wanted something dynamic to go with the flow of the traffic. Within half a day, we generated a unique form or massing that would suit the demands and requirements of the project specifically. Our concept was generated from the shape and massing of the fuel dispensers, which are used to pump fuel or CNG into the vehicle. The massing represented a giant fuel dispenser, which was partially submerged into the landscape by placing a water-body at one of its periphery, giving an illusion that the dispenser was sunk into the liquid of the tank.

Materials used depended on the client’s budget so we chose fair-faced concrete, glass and m/s steel for the project. While working on any project, we make it a priority to work with its surroundings in order to enhance the project quality; we also worked on the landscaping, providing sitting areas for the public so that they are motivated to get out of the vehicles and look around within the site, while the fuel gets dispersed into their vehicles. This project acts as an interlude for the public, which transforms into the focal point in the high-way.