Iar.ariful Islam & team
Dr. Hasan
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

As rapid urbanization prevails in the city, instead of buying or building a new house, the more popular option is to invest in a contemporary apartment in Dhaka. And to make your humble abode extraordinary, it is vital to focus on enhancing the interior design of the apartment. This is an example of a lavish interior design of a 4000 sq. ft contemporary apartment in Dhaka. It is located at Bashundhara Residential Area. Exploring in details, you can state that the design was executed by Zero Inch Interior’s capturing the personality of the client in a visually appealing manner.

While there are a lot of themes associated with a contemporary apartment in Dhaka, we always try to emphasize on space creation. This means, the design of the space must be a perfect fit for the client and reflect his personality.  The client is a businessman who spent many years of his life in Turkey. He has a deep fascination and knack for learning.  Energetic, eclectic and impulsive are some of his fine traits.  Hence, after thorough research, we decided to think out-of-the-box. Instead of keeping it static, we incorporated dynamic shapes and lines throughout the space and gave it elements of interest. Lucky for us, the client left it to the professionals and co-operated a lot since the beginning of the project. This facilitated us abundantly in creating his personal niche.

The contemporary apartment in Dhaka was previously 2 separate units that were later merged to build a spacious home. It comprises of 4 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, 2 kitchens (wet and dry), and attached bathrooms. In terms of design, we were looking at an interior with a neutral base, which yet had an underlying sense of sophistication and strokes of quirk to it. Unique, soothing and experimental, each room was given a personalized look keeping in tune with the primary theme. The shade white is dominant in the interior which has been underlined with textured wall panels and feature walls. This that provides chic backgrounds as per the client’s sense of aesthetics.

The most spacious space and the heart of this contemporary apartment in Dhaka is the living room. Curvilinear lines have been introduced on the walls, furniture and even decorative accents that give a soft edge. This portion was slightly elevated to break the monotony. The space is glitzed up by the 360-degree rotate partition in hexagon shapes. Many dimensions can be achieved from the partition. This maintains an open-plan design while creating a subtle division. Jewel tones have been introduced in this otherwise white space through curtains, cushions, rugs and artworks. The versatile angular coffee table can be used as a centerpiece and later separated to serve guests. Bespoke display units have been skillfully made that complements the theme.

Both the kitchens have detailed textures and materials with minimal elements. Stainless and wooden materials effectively complement the contemporary look. In the corner of the kitchen, a small family living space has been created to enjoy time with the family. The formal dining space gives off a café-like vibe with two types of seating arranged. An interesting feature here is the hand curved design on the concrete walls. It also contains few quotes written in Turkish.

The bedrooms have a sense of tranquility and coziness. The master bed has an elevated seating space completely made by veneer wood. A form of fluidity has been inserted here with the angular bed attached to wall and ceiling. The child’s room has been developed with a series of experiment in colors and shapes.

The client helped us in importing different materials including the fabrics, carpets and decorative accents from Turkey. The overall illumination of the house is basically object oriented. Accent lights, functional lights, pendant lights and diffused light has been installed in layers to create the ambiance according to the client’s wish. All the furniture and decorations were made from scratch by the Zero Inch Interior’s. Our goal was to create a sophisticated contemporary apartment in Dhaka for our client that spoke for him, and we have successfully done so.