Iar.ariful Islam & team
Mr.Shamsul Alam( AKH Group)
6 month
project type:
Interior Design


A luxurious home interior design is not about gathering expensive products and dumping them in your decor. It is about how you set them and display them in harmony. A sense of luxury comprises of personal aspirations in combination with functionality and aesthetics.  This triplex residential project located at Nikunjo is a great example of this belief. The three floors occupied design of this home is contemporary and gives you a feeling of an elegant bungalow.

The 15,000 sq. ft spacious home design was completed by Zero Inch Interior’s. The client was Mr. Shamsul Alam, the Managing Director of AKH Group. He wanted a sleek and luxurious home interior design that has an excellent view of the outside.  The design concept started with an aim to create a clear delineation between public and personal spaces. The triplex home is spread over three floors, connected by a wooden staircase and is skillfully divided into public and personal spaces. There are 5 bedrooms, 2 formal living, 2 family living, 1 dry kitchen, 1 wet kitchen, 1 kitchenette, dining area and toilets.  The design is fresh and inviting to entertain large number of guests. We have a big emphasis on the entertainment areas- the living rooms comprise of large couches, lounge chairs and swivel chairs. On the other hand, the bedrooms were intended for privacy and solace. Different ambiances can be enjoyed in different areas of this luxurious home interior design. The use of interesting textures and innovating use of materials were effortlessly combined in the design.

Opulent and elegant at the same time, the spacious home has a fine balance of aesthetics and functionality. With a well defined personality, it is a visual treat for everyone stepping into it. Clear visibility has been achieved with large glass doors and windows giving a spectacular view of the outdoors. Morever, the glass stairway railing gives clear visibility as well. In terms of colour, we gave preference to the neutral palette with pop of bright and bold colours on the decorative accents like cushion covers, wall art, accent chair etc.  The basic materials for this luxurious home interior design consist of wood, glass, melamine board etc. This adds to luxury element of the design. We have installed layers of lighting including recessed lights, pendant lights, and lamps for the illumination.  The place is kept absolutely clutter-free is hence soothing to the eyes.