Iar.ariful Islam & team
People's Radio
6 month
project type:
Interior Design


The office design-people’s radio station was located at the posh mixed-use area of Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The office  was surrounded by other commercial high-rises The client was the CEO of the people’s radio station. AT first, it was just another congested office space, without any proper designed or designated spaces. After a while, the CEO realized that he needs a professional to design & construct a proper office for radio station to suit the needs & requirements of the station.

He told us that the team, he created for his office includes a bunch of really creative, fun-loving, not-so-formal individuals, so their working space should reflect their personality.The programs of this office design included a work-station for 15 people, reception room waiting lobby, CEO & MD rooms design, brainstorming room which is used by 5 or more no. of people to brainstorm for ideas, two other conference rooms, on-air rooms, accounts department, casual room for RJ, which is mostly used when celebrities come to the station & the RJ sits with the celebrity to rehearsal the up-coming interview or to revise the interview questions.The project had a ground coverage of 2500 square feet. It was started in the year 2009 & has been completed since then.

The client’s testimonial after the completion of the project:

“Working with Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. was fun and exciting journey and we are pleased with their interior design and fit-out solution and services.”

Design ideas/ inspiration/concept:

Main inspiration for this office was derived from the different properties of radio wave, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. For example, in a ripple tank experiment, if we place a spherical source, then circular waves are formed. We were inspired by this form of wave & tried to use this form in various parts of the space. Moreover, when a group of people stand together in a crowd, we can see a composition of circles from the bird’s eye view, so since the station’s name is people’s radio station, we tried to use that sub-concept of a number of people standing in group; we tried to bring that composition in our work.

We played with the idea of creating informal spaces within a formal interior office space. For example, in the lift lobby area, there is a wall with big size peep-holes, that intrigues the outsiders, anyone who stops at that floor, peeps through the wall to look into the reception area. The reception desk is custom designed & custom made furniture so that it looks like a radio transistor. 

The seating arrangements were also custom designed & custom made to go with the flow of our interior concept.The lift lobby design is done with bone-tiling, so that we can break the monotony of the long dark corridor.

The work station area was also custom-designed, for example, we used frosted glass to separate the individual work stations & white particle board & duco paint was used in the cabinets. Glass tables were used in the conference or brainstorming areas & polished veneer boards were used for the cabinets.

Sound propagation, acoustics, echo reverberation- all these were taken into account while designing the on-air room.

Rough wall paint & veneer board was used to create a different identity for the back-drop walls in the M.D & CEO rooms. Through-out the whole space, white particle board with circular compositions were installed in certain spaces, like at the end of circulation passage or beside the work station area to break away from the monotony. The cabinets in the work station was made with simple white particle board but they were drilled to give a different texture & thus creating a circular composition within the door itself.

The glass doors were also custom designed with graphically composed frosted & clear stickers within the glass panel.  Graphically composed white particle board false ceilings with circular compositions, as well as symmetrically composed lover type false ceilings with gypsum board, each with its own lighting system creates a smooth & rough  as well as a soft & warm texture throughout the place. Soft & warm textures allow the them to relax & enhance the sense of luxury, where as the sense of symmetry through-out  the lay-out  would  add a flavor of formality & since the design was solidified with great finishing, it shines out & takes its own stand.

At the end of every project, our main satisfaction comes from whether the clients’ requirements have been met or not or whether the client is happy  with our methodology & design process. From site visiting to designing to construction, we handle everything, from scratch to the finish. We make working with the details fun & accurate. We are known for our timely accumulation of the whole project, with in a specific time-frame.