Iar.ariful Islam & team
project type:
interior design
1500 sft



This small apartment interior design project, named ‘Marine Life,’ is situated in the upscale residential district of Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Surrounded by other residential properties and a few commercial retail stores, our client, a mid-thirties marine engineer, approached us with a specific vision. Our task was to transform the entire apartment within a set timeframe and budget. The client’s request was for an interior design that would reflect his personality, featuring minimal interference, solid finishes, and a sense of simplicity


This small apartment interior design project, ‘Marine Life,’ encompassed the redesign of various living spaces, including the living room, family living room, dining room, and, in the private zone, the master bedroom. The project covered a ground area of 1900 square feet.



Design ideas/ inspiration/concept-

To conceptualize this design, we delved into the life of the marine engineer who inhabited the space. His profession led him to spend extended periods at sea, making it the constant in his life. We drew inspiration from the captivating underwater world that allured him and sought to infuse elements of the seabed into his living environment.


Mood Board

Our creative journey began with a deep dive into the hidden underwater world, conducting extensive research to inform our design choices. Upon entering the apartment, visitors are greeted by a louver partition wall between the entry hall and the living room, inspired by the elongated trees found on the seabed.


Inside the living room, custom-designed seating and unique lighting fixtures were incorporated to evoke the feeling of being beneath the sea. The concrete backdrop walls were meticulously perforated to replicate the texture of sea corals.

In the informal sitting area, a raised wooden platform resembling a ship’s deck was introduced, with brick backdrops providing a contrasting dry, deck-like ambiance.

The dining room was designed to mimic dining on uneven-shaped black rocks, set against a white floor. The chandelier, reminiscent of seaside dining, completed the atmosphere.

In the master bedroom of this small apartment interior design, concrete walls were again used to recreate the coral effect, and carefully designed lighting throughout the apartment added to the underwater ambiance, creating a serene, sea-inspired atmosphere.

Our commitment to fulfilling the client’s requirements, from site visits to design and construction, ensures satisfaction with our methodology and design process. Known for our adherence to project timelines, ‘Marine Life’ stands as one of our experimental small apartment interior design projects.”