5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Hire an Interior Designer in Dhaka

Interior designer It can be overwhelming to choose the right interior designer in Dhaka for you. For someone who lacks
the experience, finding a reliable interior design team, communicating with them your needs and
budget, and then finally overseeing the execution is no easy task. We are narrowing down a few points
to make the choice of selecting the right designer much more simple and easy for you.


1. Identify your design requirement: Before you hire an interior designer in Dhaka, it is important to
know how you are envisioning your space. Pen down the requirements and style you are looking at. (for
example, if it is office space you have identified how many people are going to use, who they are, their
definition, do they need an individual room or only cubical, how they are going to use the space. Similarly,
if it is home, how many rooms are required, how you are going to use those rooms, what facilities are
you expecting, etc.) You can initially browse through the internet for inspiration. Get specific about
factors like the budget, timeline, and location. These crucial points need to be filtered out before you
actually search for a design company/firm.

2. How to Find Your Interior Designer in Dhaka:
To find the right designer, you need to filter based on your needs. You can look for reliable interior
designers online through social media or websites, ask your friends and family for recommendations.
You can also go through interior design magazines and blogs to find some published works of interior
designers in Dhaka. Shortlist the ones that match your style and budget.


3. Do a Background Check: Now that you have shortlisted some interior designers in Dhaka of your
choice, do some background checks. This includes knowing about their designer’s educational background
(We suggest, 4 years graduation from interior architecture/design or architect from any reputed
university), specialization (are they specialize in the residential or commercial projects), and real projects
they have completed, not only 3d visual, and people/organization they have worked with. You can find
many interior designer portfolios online. However, this can be tricky as there are many unreliable
interior designer companies online who share portfolios by downloading pictures from the internet.
Hence, you need to find out companies that have real portfolios. Ask about their completed project not
only computer-generated 3d visualization.


4. Meet with the Designer: After going through some portfolios of interior designers you like, now
comes the part where you meet the designer. Fix an appointment with the designer to express your
requirements and your budget (if possible). It could be in the site or office where you feel convenient.
The designer may give you a formal proposal according to your need. You can ask how they work or
their process.
5. Communicate your design requirements: You need to make sure that your designer can work in sync
with you. Hence, it is important that you communicate all your needs without any hesitation. It is going
to be your dream space, so your requirements should be valued. After you discuss your needs, let the
interior designer in Dhaka share what would be the best fit for you and what challenges may come
along. A good designer is one who is flexible and can match your sensibilities with their design both
in terms of function and aesthetics.


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