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At Zero Inch Interior’s,our careful research and scrupulous design process pays particular attention to the unique context of every project whether commercial, retail or high end residential.

zero inch interior’s focuses on design with sustainable, Eco-friendly and green  materials that are durable ,low maintenance and reduce the negative environmental impact .

We strive to use as many renewable and recycled, up cycling products as possible in our design.

Our  futuristic, ,smart, innovative design techniques make a space feel larger than it is. We design areas that can be used for more than one purpose.

We believe our success is attributable to our attention to detail, technical

experience, creativity, and true professionalism that we bring to every project. We also spend considerable time ensuring that all construction details and materials are of the highest possible standards and usage.

finished projects which not only hold their aesthetic appeal but also stand the test of time.

For a better understanding of us, you are most welcome to visit our work page.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide each of our clients with an inspiring, happier & healthier interior space within a sustainable and affordable framework.

Our Missions

To set zero inches as an icon for both clients and competitors in the fields of design, innovation, quality & service standards.

Our Vision

When we approach a design project, we are always guided by our core values- it is what makes us who we are and it lives through each of our practices.

Our Values
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From Sketch to Life

What is 3D desing and how it work?

If you have worked with an interior designer before or want to work with one, you’ll hear about 3D design or 3D modeling. 3D modeling is a very helpful tool for interior designers that allows you to take a 2-dimensional drawing of a floor plan and bring it to life. It helps the designers to show you what the interior will look like before its even built. Our clients can take 3D virtual tours of the space and view the layouts and interior elements in a lifelike form with proper scale.
A typical 3D modeling goes through several stages. First, the objects are created based on the measurements and scale. Elements like the walls, hallways, entryway, windows, doors- all these physical details and elements inside are given space. These materials can be made to look more realistic by adding textures, physical qualities like colors, patterns etc.

How interior design is cost?

If you’re on a lookout for an interior designer, you’ll know that their costs and services vary quite a lot. All of these depend on the designer and their pricing structure. There are several pricing models we follow. The nature of work usually determines which route we will go. We may look at the project as a whole and charge you a flat rate. This rate will usually include consultation, planning, execution and project management. Alternatively, we may also look at the overall project and chare a percentage of the cost of the overall work as their fee. Usually the determining factors that influence the design quote are size of the project, scope of the project, the budget of the project. We can analyze your project type and budget and tell you what we will be able to achieve within your financial parameters.

How much time I will spend on planning?

We can work on any timeline, whether you want a project on urgent basis or have more time. It takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the initial process which includes the initial design concepts, design layouts, furniture layouts, vendor list etc. If it’s a large-scale project, it may take longer to plan out the details.

Can I create custom design?

Yes, we do give our clients the scope to get their customized design for their space. We want each of our clients to feel like their space has a unique touch to it and reflects their personality. You can share your ideas and vision with us and our team will work on achieving the space of your dreams.

How do you work?

We will plan out your space for you by considering all your requirements and help you visualize what your space can look it. We as interior designers are trained to engineer the entire space. We keep into account everything from furniture placement (including size and scale) to creating atmosphere with color, lighting, and accessories. everything from furniture placement (including size and scale) to creating atmosphere with color, lighting, and accessories.


Meet Our Skilled Team

Anna Richmond

[ Marketing Manager ]


[ CEO & Head of Design ]

Rashid Ahmed

[ Project Manager ]


[ creative director ]

Rakib Hasan

[ Project Engineer ]


[ Lead interior architect ]

Selim Ahamed

[ Admin & Accounts Manager ]


[ Interior Designer]

Maisha Mehjabeen

[ Sr.Interior Architect]

Maruful Islam

[ Project Manager]

Ferdios Jhan Tanbi

[ Interior Architect ]
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What People Say

Zero Inch Team were hospitable and captured our imagination. They were cooperative right from the start to the finish of our home design in Bashundhara. It felt great to work with a team who knows how to value your inputs and then let their magic work! I would highly recommend them to my friends and family
Afrin Nusrat
Client of Company
One of my friends recommended me to get in touch with Zero Inch Interiors and I think it was the best decision I took. I wanted to renovate my old small office to match my current requirements, and the Zero Inch team did a brilliant job. My office looks much larger than before and all the finishing are of top notch. Thanks to the team for their awesome service.
Samapti Saha
Client of Company
We have been working with Mr Arif and his team for our company for many years and have confidently returned to them every time for a variety of our projects. Their ideas are always thoughtful and the detailed drawings can help us visualize the space perfectly. We look forward to working with them again!
Salam Murshedy
Client of Company