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Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

Zero Inch Interior’s ltd. is a dynamic full-fledged interior design & fit-out company/firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh established in the year 2009. We specialize in contemporary cutting edge modern, biophilic interior design, construction, and remodeling of corporate offices, apartments, duplex houses, retail outlets, club lounges, five-star luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and other private and public facilities in Bangladesh. As the best interior design company in Bangladesh, we have the expertise and passion to visualize and build your dream space. Our collaborative approach in working with clientele and our careful attention to detail allows us to capture the essence of each client’s sensibilities. We have accomplished many successful interior design projects over the past years with impressive commendations.

Our highly creative Interior Architects / Designers create masterful interiors that depict the unique expressions of a client’s true personality. Renowned for their ability to deftly meld styles from across eras into a comfortable space, our expert Designers/Architects take cues from tradition but are not afraid to amalgamate cutting-edge styles. Our vision is to be one of the best interior design company in Dhaka,Bangladesh.  

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Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

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Interior Architecture

We believe in designing contextual and contemporary spaces to create a positive urban change

Furniture Design

Crafting bespoke furniture that is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Architecture & Landscape

Designing landscapes to improve both human and environmental health

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Connecting people with sensible and humanistic space.

        Crafting refined designs that are sensible and humanistic at their core, elevating the potential of any living space.

Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

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The Core Company Values

When we approach a design project, we are always guided by our core values- it is what makes us who we are and it lives through each of our practices.

We are accountable for ourselves, colleagues and our clients
we have a humanistic perspective in the technocratic world of design
We are ethically, ecologically,environmentally and contextually sensitive
We believe design is a collaborative process and involve our clients to realize their vision
We value ideas over hierarchy
We value craftsmanship and embrace the beauty of imperfection
We believe in Reduce, reuse, recycle, crafting spaces that evoke emotions
We make it a practice to innovate and constantly develop ourselves every working day because great isn't good enough.
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Interior Design Company in Bangladesh


The first thing that people notice when they step into your home or office space is how it is decorated. So, if you want a positive impression from the guests/visitors to feel comfortable in your home, designing interiors is a must like designing the exterior of a building. Interior design is not only about making a space attractive. It adds functionality to your space.  Beautiful interior design made with your preferences and needs can uplift your mood. Dysfunctional or cluttered spaces may have the opposite effect, making one feel lethargic or even leading to anxiety problems. Most people thrive in ordered and aesthetically pleasing environments, which is why interior design in Bangladesh is so important. 

Whether it is a large office or a small office, office interior design is important to promote productivity and efficiency among employees. Sometimes interior design for small interior design offices is overlooked or ignored compared to large offices, as a result, many small offices are poorly designed which makes the small offices disorganized, uncluttered, and outdated. This sort of negligence disrupts employees’ morale and performances which ultimately hampers the business and brand’s potential growth of the small offices.

Not only employees or staffs but clients and customers also receive bad impressions about the business/brand no matter what the size of the office is because size doesn’t matter. Quality of work, dedication, and perspective is what matters and make a successful business or office. To create a healthy workplace and to enhance the success of a business, the interior design of a small office is as important as a large office interior design.

Investing in office interiors is one of the smart plans for your business future. Investing in an office interior can help create an environment that is conducive to collaboration and creativity which impacts the overall success of the business.  Office interiors help to attract and retain talented employees. It also helps to create a strong corporate office interior design identity, fosters relationships with customers and clients, and these factors make your business stand out from competitors in the long run.

Investing in ergonomic furniture, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable practices, can help your business reduce its carbon footprint and reduce operating costs, hence, a well-designed office is a smart investment for your future business.

A restaurant with a great interior makes a strong impact on customers/guests when they visit the restaurant. If they like the interior and ambiance of the restaurant they tend to visit the restaurant again and again, eventually, the phenomenon boosts revenues and business. Not only an appropriate location and food you serve but also the interiors of a restaurant play a powerful role in the restaurant business. Each design element: seating arrangements, ambient lighting, furnishing, and color, significantly impacts and enhances customers’ dining experience and increases overall profitability. Customers want a memorable experience, and a comforting atmosphere, rather than just dining and leaving. Therefore, restaurant interior design is a powerful tool that greatly impacts the business. Optimizing interior design for restaurants will also ensure brand establishment. 

Living in a small apartment or small space can be challenging, but coming up with clever interior solutions and smart interior choices can help you transform and give a big style to your home, no matter how small the apartment is. You can create a comfortable and functional apartment without the need for a larger home.

Innovative space-saving interior design ideas can transform your small, compact apartment interior design into a spacious and stylish abode. Small space design ideas, for instance, multifunctional furniture, wall-mounted storage, and adding large mirrors, can make a small space feel much larger while maintaining style.

The layout or interior of a retail store strongly influences customer experience and largely affects their purchase decision. Beautiful interior designs of any store or brand have the appeal to draw customers’ attention and keep them in the store for a long time. As a result, investing in retail interior design firms is wise for increasing revenues and the business’s future.

Investing in the window display, signage, furniture and accessories, lighting and fixtures, every detail of the store is important as every detail and element becomes a means to deliver the essence, the story of the brand/establishment which grabs customer’s attention and stays in their mind, and increases the chances of a customer returning. Modular or flexible retail interior designs can help to accommodate any modifications or technology required that can save the brand time and money in the future. With the right design, you can create a store that will make it stand out and help you to achieve your business goals.

Simply offering a large salary or overtime bonuses is not enough anymore. Top-talent employees prioritize mental well-being and healthier workspaces.  Employees spend a large part of their day in an office, so the office interior design in Bangladesh must be well-designed, functional, comfortable, and inviting – all of which lead to productivity and efficiency. These factors or interior design features are essential to attract and retain top/best employees.

Well-designed office includes flexible workspaces, a game zone, and various break-out zones for brainstorming or relaxing which encourage recharging the mind and body. These design implementations can make your office stand out and aid in attracting talent and retaining top talent for the long term.

Restaurant interior design is more than just doing decorations and creating a beautiful space. There are many things that you need to consider when designing a restaurant. The first and most important consideration of every restaurant’s interior design is functionality. The design should be practical and functional. Plan layout, functionality, lighting, furniture, and acoustics in the space are parts of interior design and not merely means of decoration. Each design element significantly contributes to creating an efficient and comfortable dining experience for guests.

A decorated restaurant will not work if it doesn’t have the right operation layout. If restrooms, kitchens, service areas, and circulation routes of the staff and guests are not properly designed it will hamper operational flow. You have selected the menu, the food, and the best chefs but you can’t simply do decoration and overlook the interior design in creating a prosperous restaurant.

Guests don’t visit restaurants only to have food and leave. They want a memorable dining experience. A well-designed restaurant can set the mood for dining and enhance the customer experience; hence, the interior of the restaurant plays a vital role in setting the mood for customers to dine. Very bright interiors or unorganized setup forms a negative impression on the customers and potentially make them leave even before having food. Soft ambient lighting, uncluttered setup, and pleasant décor, all constitute a restaurant’s interior design. Well-designed restaurants influence customers’ psychology and mood. So, restaurant interior design cannot be overlooked.

Employees and staff spend a large part of their day in offices. A well-designed office can promote productivity, efficiency, and overall morale. The focus of an interior design office is to make the office a place where employees want to be, not where they are forced to be.

The interior design office also set the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, and its vision which helps to form brand identity and confidence among customers. A well-designed office ensures sustainability which significantly reduces operational costs. Interior design offices not only do create a healthy workplace, but an office environment can also uplift and support the success of a business. Design Source Architecture & Interior || Best interior company in