Zero Inch Interior’s ltd has been awarded as the winner of the first ever home decor expo Home Fest Dhaka 2015, held on 6-7 November at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB). Windmill Advertising Limited, a sister concern of Windmill Group initiated the exposition focusing on the future trend Video show Winner Of Interior Design Competition 2015 of lifestyle. Prior to the exposition, organizers announced a month-long nationwide “Interior Designing Competition” on September 2015, providing opportunities to individuals or interior decorating firms to submit and showcase their designs at the expo. 14 participating projects were shortlisted from over 100 entries in 17 different categories i.e. large, medium and small rooms of Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Children’s Room, Kitchen and Toilet. Judges selected one single design from each category to be showcased in the exposition.

Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd. has been awarded for their winning design in ‘Living and Dining, small’ category. They showcased an interior designing idea of living & dining room naming the whole project ‘Portmanteau of the Mysterious Tradition & the Bold Contemporary’.

In this award winning idea of living and dining room decor, we focused on the fusion of modern and traditional approach of home designing. We wanted a space that defined itself as a Bengali one, but also leaned towards contemporary style.  From the delicate local tradition to abstract contemporary elements of interior were combined in the project. It illuminated the co-existence of the past and present. A throwback to our cultural heritage and folk art, we incorporated traditional motifs that reflected our land and its people. For instance, fish motifs symbolize fertility, and lotus symbolizes food fortune. Hence these motifs were skillfully used in our design. To furnish the space, we sourced all locally available materials such as wood, cloth, thread, cane, horn, bamboo, conch-shell, jute, sola, reeds etc. Gold, silver, brass, and tusk were also used to serve our purpose.  Our strikingly innovative idea among all was pretty much impressive to the judges to seize the winning title.


Our out of the ordinary projects and ideas have proved to be inspiring and was featured in different publications.


Considering that the design of the space must be a perfect fit for the client and reflect his personality, Zero Inch Interior Ltd. has always designed client friendly spaces creating ideas and a glimpse of their journey is sketched one of the features of Showcase Magazine.


Zero Inch Interior Ltd. helps to develop a home space that rests in a state of order- free from the presence of unnecessary physical clutter and this is all about the story of their innovative attempt in one of the features of the first Architectural and Interior Design magazine in Bangladesh, Showcase Magazine.

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