Iar.ariful Islam & team
project type:
Futuristic Interior Design
2500 sft

IFL Creative Kitchen interior envisions a Denim Research and Development (R&D) Center that serves as a beacon of innovation in the fashion industry. Spanning 2500 sq. ft. on a mezzanine floor, the center will feature designated areas for fashion designers, technical heads, a laboratory, and displays. The design ethos revolves around a timeless, minimalistic, and futuristic aesthetic, seamlessly integrating functionality with inspiration. A carefully curated color palette of grey, black, silver, white, and accents of corporate yellow, coupled with materials like glass, stainless steel, and exposed concrete, sets the tone for the space.

At the heart of the center lies the spirit of collaboration, encouraging idea exchange and innovation among fashion designers from around the globe. Iconic furniture pieces, including Zaha Hadid’s Moon System sofa and Thomas Heatherwick’s Spun Chair, adorn the display areas, adding a futuristic touch. Despite its avant-garde design, practicality remains paramount, ensuring that the center is not just visually striking but also conducive to productive research and development efforts. In essence, the Denim R&D Center for IFL Creative Kitchen interior design embodies a vision of creativity, innovation, and excellence in the fashion industry.