Iar.ariful Islam & team
PDS Limited.
2 month
project type:
Office Interior Design
8000 sft

Crafting PDS Limited’s office space, we drew inspiration from the company’s ethos and global footprint. PDS is a leading global consumer-driven manufacturing and sourcing platform present in over 22 countries, committed to promoting sustainability and inclusive economic growth. They prioritize collaboration, innovation, and technology while ensuring environmental responsibility. In our design, we aimed to reflect these values, creating a workspace that harmonizes brightness, minimalism, and airiness. The palette of serene white and grey tones with vibrant red accents echoes PDS’s branding and fosters creativity and connectivity. Integrated modern technology underscores global relevance while maintaining sustainability. Our vision is to provide a workspace that not only embodies PDS’s values but also promotes unity among its diverse workforce, emphasizing the importance of inclusive growth and environmental stewardship in today’s business landscape.