Iar.ariful Islam & team
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

“In the shadow and the light

What is seen, felt and heard, becomes its own memory”

The above was the ‘guiding beam’, literally and functionally, in orchestrating our client Mrs. & Mr. Munir Ahmed’s dream of adding Contrasts to their home therein their lives.

“We would like contemporary bright color apartment with contrast combination”,

They expressed and hence began the exciting journey of Zero Inch Interior’s creative team to lay out a homely scenario using light and shadow thematic contrast.

Red and white dominate this Mirpur DOSH based apartment while Burma Teak, beige tiles and travertino marble accentuate the two. The defining lines are sharp and precise for each space and each purpose.

The 1800 sq. ft space was pre-defined into four bedrooms, four baths, drawing room, dining room, family living area, a veranda and a kitchen before it was handed over for the interiors to us.

The entrance has Louvers on rotating axes to close off or open up the loft space depending on the amount of privacy wished for.

The furniture is vibrant in color with contemporary theme; so are the abstract paintings chosen for this residence.

At particular relaxing spots of the house, the residents would enjoy shadows in relationship to each other and the illuminated space in between.