Iar.ariful Islam & team
project type:
interior design
1800 sft


This small apartment interior design project “Marine Life” is located in the posh residential area of Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The site was surrounded by other residential and a few commercial retail stores. The client was in his mid-thirties and was a marine engineer by professional interior designer dhaka bangladesh. We were contacted to do the interior of the whole house, within a certain time-frame and allocated budget. The client asked us to design this small apartment that would bring out & reflect his personality. He wanted an apartment that showed minimum interference with solid finishing   and a sense of simplicity within the design.

The programs of this small apartment interior design company included the designing of the living room interiors dhaka , family living room , dining room and among the private zone- the master bedroom was designed. The project had a ground coverage of 1900 square feet.

Design ideas/ inspiration/concept-

To understand the concept of this small apartment interior design, one must understand the life of a marine engineer. The owner spent most of his days in the sea,  sailing from one place to another. The sea was the only constant thing in his life. The beautiful under-world of the sea is something that every marine engineer is attracted to. So, we thought including the elements of the sea-bed into the interior bd of his house-hold- into the very core of where he lived.

Mood Board

We started off this small apartment interior design by asking ourselves what the hidden underwater world is like. We conducted a study on it and then began the designing process. Upon entering the house, the first sea element that the visitors or occupants confront is a louver partition wall between entry hall & the living room. This partition was designed in the form of the elongated trees, which are found under the sea bed. Upon entering the living room, one would find a bizarre set of sitters. These sitters were custom-designed .The chandelier & the side-lamp was also customized to give off the impression of underneath the sea. The back-drop walls of the living room were designed with concrete. Concrete was chosen for a very particular reason. We wanted to re-create the texture and out-look of the sea corals by perforating the concrete. In the informal sitting area, the platform was raised and  processed using wooden tiles so that it would represent the deck of a ship. For the back-drop, wall brick was used so that it broke away from the coral walls and gave us a dry feeling of the deck. The dining room was designed in such a way so that it looks like the occupants are dining in an uneven shaped black rock, spread out into the white floor and over it; the chandelier shines like a setting from a sea-shore dining. The back-drop walls in the master bed-room were also designed with concrete to create that coral effect. The lighting through-out the whole house-hold was done in a way so that it gave the aura of the under-world and created that quiet and haunted look of the sea.

Dining Table

Family Living room

Master Bed Room

At the end of every project, our main satisfaction comes from the fulfillment of the client’s requirements so that he is happy with our methodology and design process. From site visiting to designing to construction, we handle everything, from scratch to the finish. We make working with the details fun and accurate. We are known for our timely accumulation of the whole project, within a specific time-frame. This small apartment interior design project “marine life” was one of our experimental projects