“Nothing lasts. Nothing is finished. Nothing is perfect.” – Inspired by this philosophy, the imperfect (Wabi-Sabi) residential apartment located in the tranquil locale of Dhanmondi, is composed of raw, earthy, materials embracing an unrefined and minimalistic interior. Designed meticulously by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd., the apartment interior design styles conveys the fact that imperfection is perfection in its best form because there is no such thing as perfect.



Embracing an Unrefined and Minimalistic Interior

The apartment spans a 2000 square feet area, comprising three bedrooms, one living and dining area with an adjacent open-plan-layout kitchen. Minimum partition walls and bare uses of the false ceiling make the space more functional and emanate a feeling of clarity and composure. Afrin Nusrat and her husband, owners of the apartment, are young professionals who wanted a comforting home that would improve their mood or restore a sense of physical well-being. They wanted to imply the concept of Wabi-Sabi in the interiors of their apartment. ‘Wabi’ means rustic simplicity, the understated elegance in things and in life. ‘Sabi’ means beauty that comes with age. They didn’t want to incorporate elements that are flashy or ornate instead opted for a simple, minimal, relaxed apartment interior design style that embraces the imperfect nature of life itself.

The design team uses concrete and brick as its main material components. The fair façade concrete in the walls and ceiling, exposed brick in some of the walls, exhibits an earthy tone, and rough, imperfect aesthetic. The apartment interior design style intended to boldly express and unveil the subtle beauty and aesthetic potential of the bricks and fair-facade concrete through a fresh visual composition. Along with these two materials- concrete and brick, the wide-open balconies play an equally important functional and aesthetical role. Apart from concrete and brick, marble, wood, and metal have been incorporated into the apartment interior which enhances the natural look and feel; giving it a timeless appeal.

The apartment interior design style adopts a neutral color palette of brown, beige, grey, and white. To eliminate monotony in the space, pops of colors such as green and orange have been introduced in décor details. Colorful paintings and indoor planters added to the space bring a fresh, calm ambience. One of the interesting materials, rattan, has also been utilized in armchairs and other furniture details. The apartment interior design style incorporates traditional elements while celebrating the beauty and minimalism of contemporary design. The main objective of this apartment interior is to cultivate a minimalist, relaxed, and comfortable living space – an apartment that enhances the life of the family who resides within its walls.

Wabi-Sabi literally means finding beauty in imperfection. Accepting what is flawed, impermanent, and incomplete. Following the Wabi-Sabi concept, the design team styled to bring the beauty of the apartment interior design through the imperfect texture and color choices of the materials and minimal décor details.