Iar.ariful Islam & team
6 month
project type:
Apartment Interior Design

We recently designed an apartment in Gulshan with a balance of muted and earth tones with a rustic yet modern touch. The result is a space that looks open, warm and inviting-it is ideal for living and entertaining guests.

Our client wanted a family home an open space and a warm atmosphere. From the moment you enter the residence, the tone is very calm and comfortable. We set the furniture and decor items in a controlled and uncluttered manner.

The formal living has a comfortable elegance while the wooden furnishings sets a rustic vibe. We designed a bespoke shelf here to give visual interest. The shelves are decorated with minimal accents and greenery.  Since the room is quite neutral, we gave a pop of color by using wall paintings. The family living is perfect for the family to sit and enjoy their time together. The dining area is right next to the family living. We wanted to make the setting more intimate and cozy, so we filled one of the walls with framed photographs of the family. The rustic vibe is added with distressed wooden ceiling panels in the dining area. The formal living is separated from the family area with a sliding glass door partition.

The biggest challenge for the interior design of the space was to blend the color flow throughout the apartment. It was necessary to cater to each clients’ demand for their own rooms. So our goal was to keep the earth tone present in every room and introduce few bold colors in the bedrooms according to the client’s preference. Personalized touch was given to certain sections such as the vanity area, study tables, and closets.

What is truly unique about this project is that every piece of furniture was made from scratch by Zero Inch Furniture, a concern of Zero Inch Interiors. Our main attempt with this design was to create the perfect amount of detail to personalize each space while staying true to the modern, uncluttered look that our clients preferred