Iar.ariful Islam & team
summit group
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

This is a corporate office interior design bangladesh of the Summit Group located at Karwan Bazar. Summit Group is a leading infrastructure developer and operator in South Asia, and for its office, we aimed 35035to go for an informal, relaxed and dynamic look. The result is a spacious and extraordinary workplace that combines dignity and dynamism in functionality. The creative small office interior design
is open to social interaction and the spirit of collective work.

The 3500 sq ft modern office design ideas for small spaces consists of a reception room, executive room for 5 people, conference room for 10 people, workstation for 18 people, break out space, and toilet area. While we were seeking for inspiration for the corporate office interior design, the logo of the company struck our mind. The logo of the company is suggestive of its name- Summit. And hence we chose the company logo as a key source for form-finding in this project. Just like the logo, there are higher elevation points with dynamic shapes throughout the low cost office design. This was an interesting concept to work with while maintaining the functionality of the corporate office interior design.

This corporate office interior design encourages collaboration creating a community feel to the workplace. Collective working can increase productivity and be beneficial for the company, and hence, we designed an open plan for the workstation. Melamine board tables with exported legs were used for workstation. Glass partitions were installed that has clear visibility.

This reinforces the open plan while maintaining the required privacy of each employee. The ceiling here was kept exposed to set a sort of industrial look. We set a spacious space with glass doors used as partitions throughout the workplace. Using transparent partitions in the executive room, conference room as well as the inclusion of an open plan working space gives the office setting an all over spacious look with adequate breathing space. The workstation floor has matte floor tiles while carpet tiles were installed in the conference room and executive room to give a corporate outlook. As for the color scheme, a neutral base was created with white and different shades of dark brown, black and grey.

The use of such colors gives the workplace a modern and flexible flair. While neutral shades create harmony with all the elements of the work space, we broke the monotony by introducing vivid colored furniture in the breakout space. This space was given a cozy look with couches and seats, in an effort to make the office more enjoyable for the workers. Uniformity is achieved with introduction of different materials in the design. One outstanding point which can be noticed in the corporate office interior design is the specially-designed light fixture that complements the underlying theme. Not only does it provide efficient illumination, but also gives an elegant aura to the space. Zero Inch Interior’s has ensured a dynamic and elegant look in this corporate office interior design dhaka while maintaining functionality.