Iar.ariful Islam & team
Mr. Sabbir
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

This apartment Interior Design in Baridhara is the epitome of minimal chic décor. If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated bedroom interior design in bangladesh for your condo then the following can be the key to your future dhaka drawing room interior design in bangladesh. Trimming out the hyperbolic fabrication in your interior is the trend now. We attempted minimal design here to construct a space with special functional bedroom interior design with wardrobe that artistically simplifies the way of life as well. Bringing the concept of “less is more” was our main inspiration for this apartment interior design in Baridhara.

The owners of this Apartment Interior Design in Baridhara mainly reside in Canada. They bought the apartment to stay during their visits in Dhaka. It would be like their vacation house and the design aimed to focus on their taste and desire. They are a huge fan of contemporary and minimal approach in interior design and so we decided to follow such a theme. We have managed to butter up their desire through minimalistic design idea. The 1500 sq. ft apartment exudes a very classy ambiance. Instead of going for something very dramatic or lavish, we chose to go for something tranquil that gives the feel of a free, open space.

The entire space of the apartment interior design in Baridhara was split into five bedrooms, two formal living, two family living, one dry and one wet kitchen, one kitchenette and dining and toilet. Space allocation was done in a way so that the separation between rooms did not make a chaos in view wardrobe interior design for bedroom. The use of materials was depended on the motive of making it classy, comfortable and celestial for the dwellers. Minimalism in this apartment interior design in Baridhara aims to have fewer objects, subtle and bold design in a perfect proportion and sharp shaped furniture. Keeping up with the client’s demand for free spaces, we ensured a spacious, clutter-free space with decent amount of lighting. The warmth and tranquility both dwell together in the decor.

The colour palette was kept neutral warm with pop of colours on decorative accents and upholstery. All the furniture in this apartment interior design in Baridhara was made from scratch by Zero Inch Interior’s. Adequate storage system was installed to make the space free from all kinds of clutters. The result is a spacious looking interior that is modern and sleek. This simpliest modern artistry to decor interior can bring a smart charm out of it and so is done here in this project.