Iar.ariful Islam & team
walton group
6 month
project type:
restaurant Interior
work in progress

Fine Dining Restaurant: The Raspberry fine dining restaurant located in a tranquil locale of Gulshan is designed with the intention of conceiving a serene environment where guests can enjoy the surroundings, and the offered delicacies, and create cherished memories during their visit to the fine dining restaurant. With its meticulous design by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd., the Raspberry fine dining restaurant will take you on a memorable journey and a magical dining experience where each corner is a canvas for moments that are bound to stay in your heart.



Once you enter the Raspberry fine dining restaurant, you will move through an enclosed corridor that is constructed in raw, earthy materials such as brick tiles, stones, wood, and metal mesh. One striking element you will find is the monkey sculptures hanging on the walls carrying a bulb in their hand. Altogether, this passage evokes an organic, mysterious, thrilling feel. Before the entrance to the main fine dining restaurant, at the right corner of the periphery, you will find a sitting bench upon a waterbody. The corner is specifically designed as a ‘selfie corner’ where you can beautifully pose over a wonderful background of lush greeneries and waterbody beneath to get the perfect selfie. The fine dining Raspberry restaurant is equipped with good security measures as you will find metal detectors at the entrance point, unlike other restaurants. After the metal detection, at first, you are welcomed to a well-designed sophisticated reception/lounge area.

From there, leading to the stairs, you will be welcomed to the fine dining hall. From entering the property to sitting at your table, you will receive a wonderful hospitality experience, shrouded in elegance and surprises: as each space reveals an unusual spatial quality, a different phenomenon, a whole new experience. The fine dining restaurant’s interior is divided into two sections: indoor and outdoor. The indoor section is designed with several sitting zones. The corner is arranged with a linear setting while the central space is stunningly furnished with a stunning wavy patterned sofa complimented with round tables and comfy chairs at the other end. There is also a separate dining room for individual groups or families who wish to have their suppers/dinners maintaining a certain privacy. The outdoor section guaranteeing the outside view, has a linear seating arrangement with armchairs and tables. The tables, sofas, and chairs, high and low, are distributed in a planned and careful way that ensures comfortable circulation and meets the different needs of the users. The design team shaped spaces that wrap visitors in a cozy, comfortable ambiance where diners can opt to sit at any of the designated zones and get a cozy, comfortable vibe with their friends and families.

The layout of the fine dining restaurant is planned strategically to assist the services efficiently. For instance, the restaurant has two separate entries, one for the kitchen staff/workers and the other for the visitors/diners. This separation eases raw food items delivery directly to the kitchen without carrying to the dining hall which ensures unnecessary hassle for the workers and guests.  Food is prepared in the kitchen and served at the counter for the hosts to receive and serve at the designated tables.

The materials, texture, and color palette used for the fine dining restaurant evoke warmth, coziness, and intimacy. The floor tiles, concrete finish walls, and ceiling materials represent its authentic, organic look. Apart from these materials, wood and metal are used in décor accessories, and rattan is used in some outdoor furniture. To complement the overall ambiance of the fine dining restaurant, a pop of color is introduced in upholstery and cushion linen. A series of bespoke drum-shaped lights mounted to the ceiling and the round mirrors mounded in the walls; bring drama to the whole interior. A large amount of indoor plants is introduced that bring a sense of relief, and freshness.

Every design piece chosen in the Raspberry fine dining restaurant weaves a scene that promises enchanting and unforgettable fine moments. You can enjoy a fine dining experience in a space with different moods according to your choice. It is a place where you can spend a tranquil time; making beautiful memories with your friends and families amidst a cozy, comfortable space. It is an open invitation to explore, connect, and treasure the mix of emotions one may experience during their stay in the Raspberry fine dining restaurant.