Iar.ariful Islam & team
unimas sportswear ltd.
3 month
project type:
guest house interior


The Guest House interior design for Unimas Sportswear Ltd., one of the leading headwear manufacturers in the world, exudes an aura of tranquility and sophistication, embracing a minimal and simple design aesthetic. Located in Bagbari, Aushilia, the Guest House interior design is beautifully revamped by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd.


Unimas Sportswear Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company with a manufacturing unit in Dhaka. The brand provides apparel products and services. They design and develop apparel products with a focus on headwear. The guest house interior which has been renovated will cater to the company directors when they visit the factory. The guest house interior design spans an area of 3000 square feet which is renovated in just sixty days but the design standard and manufacturing process of Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. ensures a budget-friendly excellence.

Upon entry to the guest house, patrons are welcomed into a serene haven. One of the first things that captivates you is the thoughtfully designed interior of the guest house. The guest house comprises a living room cum dining area and three bedrooms, each portraying a sophisticated ambiance. The guest house interior design adorns simple bespoke furniture pieces designed by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. The living room adheres upholstered sofa and wooden armchairs. Alongside, the living room equips a customized shelf with a Television at the center and an extended wooden top with storage cabinets beneath.  Moving the chair to the tabletop, guests may operate their business/office works comfortably or get entertained watching television while sitting on the cushioned sofa. Adjacent to the living room, the dining area of the guest house equips a modern, simple dining table and chairs for six. The pendant lights hanging above and the abstract wall painting add a touch of glam to the dining space.

The guest house interior design consists of three bedrooms. The bedrooms are combined with timeless earthy tones and soothing colors: white, grey, black, beige, and brown. All the furniture pieces in the bedrooms are bespoke and designed by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. following a contemporary aesthetic. The bedrooms are also equipped with sufficient cabinets and shelves made of wood, for storing stuff and multipurpose uses. The richness of wooden textures in the rooms infuses a sense of warmth and authenticity into the atmosphere. The bedrooms also have little wall paintings and potted plants that elevate the overall interior design of the guest house.

One of the interesting design elements of the guest house interior design is that all the bedrooms consist of a cozy nook composed of comfortable armchairs, lounge-sofa/chaise next to the large glass paneled window that allows plenty of natural light and fresh air to spill into the interior. Guests can lean in the private nook and rejuvenate themselves in the warm, relaxing atmosphere

All in all, the guest house interior design delivers a simple, warm, and inviting ambiance that will cater Unimas Sportswear Ltd. brand directors a comfortable, experience during their stay at the guest house.