Iar.ariful Islam & team
3 month
project type:
Interior Design​
sustainable Design
800 sft

Besides meeting our client’s aesthetic and functional needs, our goal is also to create a positive impact on the environment. Our design philosophy often relies on taking sustainable and environmentally- friendly decisions to reduce the environmental impacts caused by design and construction projects.

Sustainable Interior Design :

We do this by sourcing natural materials, recycling, repurposing, and upcycling old furniture and decor items. Similarly, our motto at Zero Inch is, “Zero Carbon, Zero Waste”. So while designing the Mi Thai restaurant at the food court of Police Plaza, our approach was the same. We focused on DIY and upcycling design elements to make the space look interesting and as well as reduce waste. This restaurant was previously designed in a very congested manner. There were large colorful wallpapers on the walls that were very distracting. It actually made the space look smaller than it really was. Our first goal was to remove those wallpapers and give the space a clean, sleek and minimal aesthetic. Since the space was small, we had to think of ways to make it look a little more open and spacious. The entrance is restaurant interior designed in an interesting way with metal partitions that gives small glimpses of the interior. We customized two types of seating arrangements for the guests- booth, and chairs. The color scheme was kept warm and neutral so that it doesn’t distract the eyes. We actually did some experimental DIY on the ceiling of the restaurant using JUTE and spray paint. The final result is very eye-catching and it definitely grabs the attention of the customers. Even the pendant lights used in this project were custom-made by us using jute ropes. Overall, the lighting was kept a little subdued and low-lit. We decided to keep the kitchen open so that the customers can enjoy the view while their foods are being prepared. Each and every item in the restaurant were customs made to serve the requirements of our customers and zero inch team is quite happy with the result.