Iar.ariful Islam & team
project type:
Restaurant Design
1500 sft


The Rooftop Restaurant interior design is one of our recent projects situated in the heart of Noakhali, Chittagong.  In today’s overcrowded industry, the success of a restaurant not only depends on its superb food and service, but also it’s dining environment and ambiance.  The 1800 sq. ft restaurant has been beautifully laid out allowing customers to enjoy scrumptious meals in a chic and relaxed environment.  It comprises of a kitchen, and dining facility of 52 people in both indoor and outdoor space.

The building is rectangular shaped and hence the restaurant space looked crammed. To solve this issue, we chose minimalism as the prime guiding factor in the decor. As the restaurant is situated on the 9th floor, we did not want to obstruct the beautiful panoramic view of the city.  Hence glass windows were installed. The decor was mainly based on the concept of keeping it dynamic with subtle cultural overtones. While the base of the rooftop restaurant was kept neutral and contemporary, the styling has a rustic essence. This fusion of earthy and contemporary makes the rooftop restaurant design stand out.

Here, our attempt was to take out some essential extracts of locality in design elements.  For instance, the space had large columns that needed to be concealed. We installed shelving system to hide them.  These shelves can be used to showcase local motifs, handicrafts, and merchandises. On the other hand, an Eco-friendly endeavor can be taken through displaying of green plants. In both the indoor and outdoor section, the color tone remains earthy.  This extends the feeling of nostalgia for the patrons visiting the Rooftop restaurant.  One significant design decision we took was to keep the ceiling transparent by installing screening glass. Both rain and starry night can be enjoyed from indoors. We gave an engaging play of natural and artificial light.  Track light, LED sport light and pendant lights were used in the space. The lighting pattern enhances the divine experience created through local materials like wood, oak veneer, rustic metal and bamboo. HDF wooden flooring was incorporated while bamboo chick blinds were used to cover up the windows. The overall feel of the roof top restaurant is quite emotive, showcasing locality without compromising on functional and visual factors.