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Crafting Comfort and Elegance: Interior Design in Bangladesh

Interior design in Bangladesh homes mainly focuses on creating functional spaces that are not cramped up. Since the proliferation of real estate companies in our country, one of the present day challenges of small apartments is the lack of space. Even if you have fabulous interior design ideas up your sleeves, you might not have enough space in your home to bring that into being. Now, what can be done to overcome this challenge of limited space?  There aren’t any hard and fast rules or formulas to design a small home, but there are some keys to success. Small tricks like playing with the colors of your rooms, utilizing un convential hidden storage, or embedding multipurpose furniture are some options that work wonders. Here, we have discussed some easy and effortless tricks to maximize space for interior design in Bangladesh homes.

Use light and bright colors:

Paints are the easiest way to transform a space. While dark colors can be quite design-friendly, they tend to make rooms seem smaller. Use light and bright colors for your walls and floors.  Softer hues will help to make cramped up space feel bigger. For interior design in Bangladesh, We recommend colors like white, cream, pale grays and blues. They will exude a light and airy feeling in your room and also give a scope to experiment with eccentric and chic furnishes.

Use Mirrors :

Not only are decorative mirrors stylish, they instantly give the illusion of a larger space. Place an oversized full-length mirror against an accent wall or hang one or in order to create a style statement. You can also go an extra mile for the interior design in Bangladesh and place mirrors opposite to a window and it will bounce light during daytime to make your space feel airier.

Multi-purpose Furniture:

Avoid interior design in Bangladesh from being cluttered by introducing multi-purpose furniture.  Invest in furniture that serves more than one function like a storage ottan or a steamer trunk. We, at Zero Inch Interiors build multi-purpose furniture specifically for homes in Dhaka that have shortage of space.  They are trendy and also fit the bill.

Use lights to your advantage :

Lights are amazing to exude warmth and give your space an inviting feeling. Illuminating rooms with layers of lightnings create interest and the feeling of space. Interior designers especially experiment a lot with lights to change the look of small apartments in Bangladesh. Replace your conventional lighting fixtures with new pendants, chandelier or scone to make a bold statement.  There are many lighting options available for interior design in Bangladesh that can work to your advantage.

Pull the furniture away from walls-

Instead of placing your furniture against the walls, keep a gap of few inches in between. The breathing room around your furniture gives it an illusion of space. For example, when placing sofas, try angling or keeping a little breathing space. This is will make your room look more open.

Whether it’s a choice or necessity to live in a small space, always try to believe in the “less is more” theory. Not only will it make your life more organized, it will also save you some bucks and energy.


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