5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Hire an Interior Designer in Dhaka

It can be overwhelming to choose the right interior designer in Dhaka for you. For someone who lacks the experience, finding a reliable interior design team, communicating with them your needs and budget and then finally overseeing the execution is no easy task. We are narrowing down a few points to make the choice of […]

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design : The kitchen interior is the most difficult space in the house to design because appliances, equipment working surfaces, and storage spaces must be carefully organized into a visually coherent and functional whole. To sure a smoothly functioning kitchen for more than one occupant, it is necessary to synthesize wide range of working […]


Zero Inch Interior’s ltd is driven by the principles of creativity, originality, consideration, and enthusiasm. We pride ourselves as one of the best residential and commercial Interior Design Bangladesh. Zero Inch Interior’s ltd always has an unquenchable thirst for what is new, interesting, exciting, and creative. Zero Inch Interior’s ltd with digital experience which becomes an […]

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