Zero Inch Interiors Ltd: Redefining Interior Architecture in Dhaka

In the bustling city of Dhaka, where the fusion of tradition and modernity is palpable, Zero Inch Interiors Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of interior architecture. Founded by Interior Architect Muhammad Ariful Islam, Zero Inch Interiors is reshaping Dhaka’s design landscape with its visionary approach and commitment to sustainability.

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A Visionary Beginning:

Zero Inch Interiors emerged from a vision to elevate interior architecture in Dhaka. Muhammad Ariful Islam recognized the need to distinguish interior architecture as a specialized field, separate from conventional design practices. “We wanted to carve a unique identity for interior architecture,” reflects Ariful. “Our aim was to showcase its significance in shaping spaces that inspire and endure.”

Over time, Zero Inch Interiors’ vision has evolved, embracing sustainability, contextuality, and user-centric design. The firm’s focus shifted towards creating spaces that not only captivate aesthetically but also promote well-being and environmental consciousness.

Setting Apart in a Competitive Landscape:

In a competitive market, Zero Inch Interiors sets itself apart through its holistic approach to interior architecture. “We believe in design with purpose,” emphasizes Ariful. “Our practice revolves around context, emotion, and sustainability.”

What distinguishes Zero Inch Interiors is its unwavering commitment to core values, evident in every project undertaken. From utilizing locally sourced materials to prioritizing functionality and sustainability, each design reflects the firm’s distinct identity.

Embracing Dhaka’s Cultural Landscape:

Zero Inch Interiors draws inspiration from Dhaka’s rich cultural heritage and architectural diversity. “We are contextualists at heart,” says Ariful. “Before any project, we immerse ourselves in Dhaka’s cultural tapestry, ensuring our designs resonate with the city’s spirit.”

This reverence for cultural heritage permeates Zero Inch Interiors’ projects, where traditional elements blend seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics. Through intricate craftsmanship and thoughtful material selection, each design pays homage to Dhaka’s identity while embracing modernity.

Navigating Urbanization Challenges:

As Dhaka undergoes rapid urbanization, space optimization and functionality become paramount. Zero Inch Interiors meets these challenges with ingenuity. “We approach design as a puzzle,” explains Ariful. “We use multifunctional solutions, intelligent storage, and strategic design elements to maximize space without compromising style.”

Shaping the Future of Dhaka’s Built Environment:

As a leading interior architecture firm, Zero Inch Interiors envisions a pivotal role in shaping Dhaka’s future. “Our responsibility goes beyond aesthetics,” emphasizes Ariful. “We aim to create spaces that enrich lives and foster a sense of community.”

Through purposeful design and sustainable practices, Zero Inch Interiors aims to contribute to Dhaka’s development while preserving its cultural heritage. By championing innovation and embracing the ethos of interior architecture, the firm strives to leave a lasting impact on Dhaka’s urban landscape.

In a city where tradition meets innovation, Zero Inch Interiors continues to redefine the boundaries of interior architecture, one design at a time.

 Interior Architect,designer- Muhammad Ariful Islam


Zero Inch Interior is the leading interior architecture & fit-out company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.