Milon Metal Ltd
Anontex Group
6 month
project type:
Interior Design

Zero Inch Interior’s was hired for a new office  design in Dhaka for renowned  electrical company in Nawabpur,Old Dhaka. So, our concept came from a unique feature of the Dhaka city. Our city streets are filled with wire networks arranged in criss-cross ways. That’s what we tried to portray within the office design. The materials usage for office interior in Dhaka  were varied according to the space quality. For instance- we used veneer board in the reception area, MDF & particle boards were used  in the  meeting room, M.D room & work-stations. We also worked on the details of the various ways of suspending false ceilings, The suspending element was also made keeping in mind the diagonal or criss-cross way of how network lines hang in the Dhaka city. The scheme was based on a dynamic approach. The color palette was mainly white which was contrasted with a wooden-brown palette. Smooth & rough textures were created through walls , thus providing a 3-d effect on 2-d planes.