Iar.ariful Islam & team
red chickn
2 month
project type:
Interior Design

The Modern Fast-Food Restaurant Red Chicken 

Step into the world of culinary delight at Red Chicken modern fast-food restaurant nestled in Uttara. With a distinctive design and carefully sourced materials, Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. worked to revamp the brand image with a fresh face-lift for the existing fast food restaurant brand Red Chicken. The look of the Red Chicken modern fast-food restaurant interior design is sleek, bright, colorful, and minimalistic. The interior design evokes a sense of happiness and vibrance.

                           A Happy and Vibrant Ambient

The modern fast-food restaurant interior of Red Chicken spans an area of 800 square feet. As the restaurant has a compact space, the plan layout and programmatic zoning are done strategically allowing a smooth flow of services so that customers don’t feel confined. The interior of the fast-food restaurant design follows a sleek, minimalistic approach in order to make the space look less confined and more open and comfortable for the guests. The columns, beams, and ceiling are bare, exposing the concrete finish and its beautiful texture while the ground surface has a grey flooring blending with the concrete columns and ceiling.

Complementing the grey tone, the modern fast-food restaurant Red Chicken interior design adorns some bright colors inspired by the brand’s color theme and ethos. One wall is paneled black and bright yellow while another wall at the rear is painted solid black and has frames of artwork hung. The modern fast-food restaurant interior design installs a few black mesh partitioned walls with large round-shaped bright yellow boards at the center that work as a screen – providing a sense of privacy to the guests. A pop of red and orange is introduced in seaters and furniture details, for instance, the red-colored stools and orange upholstered chairs. The pop of red in the interior design of the fast-food restaurant triggers stimulation and appetite while yellow triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.

In the limited space, green is introduced through planters and potted plants. The green element brings a breath of freshness to the entire space of the modern fast-food restaurant design. One of the interesting design features of the restaurant is the pendant lights. The custom-made pendant lights have a unique shape that alludes to cracked eggs.

The modern fast-food restaurant design has seating space for individuals, for a group of friends and families. Guests/customers may choose their preferred seat and enjoy the fast-food meals, especially, the restaurant’s signature fried chicken, burgers while chilling out with friends and families in the modern fast-food restaurant Red Chicken. The modern fast-food restaurant design ensures a happy and lively ambiance with its minimal and vibrant interior.