6 essential tips for a good retail interior design

6 Essential Tips for a Good Retail Interior Design

6 Essential Tips for a Good Retail Interior Design
Even though every retail store is different, the main objective of any retail outlet out there is to attract customers to buy a product. Retailers nowadays attempt everything, starting from playing music to filling stores with bright colors and while many of these may or may not work, there is a real trick to getting it right. With years of experience in retail design, working with renowned brands, we at Zero Inch Interiors have mastered this art. Starting from the initial planning to the delivery, the main trick to retail store design is to understand the customer and the brand they speak for. Here are some tricks that can help.

1. Outstanding Visual Merchandising
Visual merchandising is something a retail outlet cannot overlook. Window displays are usually the first thing a customer will notice when they walk past a store. A striking piece of visual merchandising holds the power to draw the customer into the store to have a look. Shop windows can be considered the eye of a retail INTERIOR DESIGN. It should grab attention and communicate the story the brand has to tell.


2. Bring Bold and Innovative Design to the Store
As more people are gravitating towards online shopping these days, FOR good retail interior design it has become more important to make the physical outlets look enticing so that customers would want to take a stroll. The actual experience of a retail store needs to be immersive for the visitors, offering the touch-and-feel aspect of physical shopping.


3. Draw the Customers to the Right Side of the Store
Several retail interior design kinds of research suggest that since the majority of the world’s population is right-handed, customers naturally turn in the right direction when they enter a store. To capitalize on this, it is important to install points of sale displays on the right side of a store. This will naturally guide the customer anti-clockwise around a store as their preferred route.

4. Create Breathing Spaces
While creative interiors are factors to be embraced, it is important for excellent retail interior design to
offer breathable space in the retail outlet so that customers can walk freely and shop. A busy,
overcrowded retail environment gives an impression that products are of lower quality. Design the layout
in a way that allows customers a space to think and move freely.


5. Work with the Trial Space
Trial spaces are typically quite drably and boring. One unique way how your retail outlet design may
stand out is if you play wild with the trial room design. You can add fun to it so that customers have an
enjoyable experience while visiting the store.


6. Understand the Context and Demography
Whether it’s a retail outlet for local a community or a for a very niche crowd, understanding your
demography and the context of your outlet is very important. These factors can ultimately guide you
through your design process and achieve the optimum result out of it.



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