top 10 interior design company in Bangladesh

Top 10 Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

Searching for Top 10 interior design Company in Bangladesh? Look no further as we can give you the best office interiro bd and solid help for all your craftsman needs. There are multiple companies that provide interiors for adornment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hence, it’s hard to get the simplest Top 10 interior design Companies in Bangladesh. We are here to find you the best Interior designer available in Dhaka. If you are searching for Interior Designer in Dhaka, the Best interior Designer in Dhaka, Interior Decoration in Dhaka, Interior Design in Dhaka, office interior decorator, then you are at the right place..

Zero Inch Interior’s. is a dynamic full-fledged interior design & fit-out company/firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in the year 2009, comprising of a vibrant, dynamic team. Zero Inch Interiors Ltd specializes in contemporary cutting edge modern, biophilic interior design and construction of corporate offices, apartments, duplex houses, retail outlets, club lounges, five-star luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and other superior private and public facilities in Bangladesh. As a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, it has the expertise and passion to visualize and build your dream space.

enjoy the serenity
enjoy the serenity


At Zero Inch Interiors, the team’s careful research and scrupulous design process pay particular attention to the unique context of every project whether commercial, retail or high-end residential. Zero Inch Interiors Ltd focuses on design with sustainable, Eco-friendly, and green materials that are durable, low maintenance, and reduces the negative environmental impact. All their finished projects not only hold their aesthetic appeal but also stand the test of time.

Top 10 Interior Design Company in Bangladesh
duplex apartment stair interior design Company in Bangladesh

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bedroon house Interior Design Company in Bangladesh
bedroon house interior
Zero Inch Interior is the leading interior architecture & fit-out company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Feel free to call us for a free estimate & for more information about the interior design programs offered .

Interior Concepts BD provides a wide range of interior services according to your taste and demand.  The combination of talented hard-working architects and the latest technology makes our service flawless. As a modern, professional interior design company, we always seek to provide you with a service tailored to meet your certain requirements.

Archiden interior

Colorful, happy, rooted in tradition & global in aesthetics is what Archdean interior stands for. We focus on the creation of a holistic interior environment that responds to the human condition. Our unique perception of the available space renders sophisticated, luxurious, and ergonomic designs that transform a house into a home.


TRIMATRIC Architect and Engineers, established in the year 2007, is one of the pioneer concerns in the field of creative solution providers in residential and commercial design, capable of excellent imaginative ability and professionalism. We bring out the hidden persona of our clients analyzing their demands and choices that eventually satisfy their inexpressible needs. We look forward not only to seeking business opportunities but also to providing innovative, unique, and outstanding perspectives for the fulfillment of the requirements of our clients.

Vaz Interior

Vaz Interior getting ready to be just on the business community for help through the counterfeit housetop. At interval’s operational house wasn’t opened with fragments of work zones and unassuming bundles trade passages and work air rooms. The insights of Associate in nursing open-office were made for the quantity of the 1950s with mammoth floor ranges isolated by packs, work an area, recording organizers, and plants. Services are corporate office interior, apartment, showroom & restaurant, kitchen cabinet interior, glass paper & wallpaper installation, consultancy & supervision, etc.

Nova Gypsum Decoration

Nova Gypsum Decoration has been serving all over Bangladesh for five years as a Gypsum Decoration & Interior Design Company Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are highly skilled and experienced for interior design. We provide services all over the country as the largest Gypsum Decoration and Interior design Company.

Winux Interior

Winux Interior & Architect is the top resource for local luxury consumers wishing to tap into the design and architecture communities in all major cities in Bangladesh, especially in every commercial region. Every issue of our delivery is inspiring, with articles that are content-rich for remote guidance and high-quality photography depicting the most interesting and innovative offices and homes in Dhaka. In the long-running time of existence, Winux Interior & Architect has consistently provided the finest ideas and solutions for Interior & Architect architecture, design, boutique design house, custom building, office, home setup, kitchen and bath design, landscape design, fine furniture, art, and home technology.

Sketch Engineers & Architects (Pvt.) Ltd.

Sketch Engineers & Architects (Pvt.) Ltd – It’s not just a name but a commitment towards its customers. It is a reputed and professionally managed company which has been in the business of Interior design, decoration, furniture manufacturing, construction & consulting service since 2000. For over a decade, an experience that takes interior business pleasurable. Based in Bangladesh, SKETCH is one of the leading interior designing companies.

Dhaka-based Interior design, decoration, furniture manufacturing, construction & consulting service since 2000.


Nasreen Zamir founder of Nasreen Zamir And Associates (NZA) established the company almost two and a half decades ago with experience in Interior Design, Creative Arts, Interior Architecture and Product Design.

Her love for design and passion to create unique interiors, distinctive furniture, lighting, home accessories, bed linen, graphics etc show a particular interest in the art and design of the east.

Shahenoor Corporation

Shahenoor Corporation is the leading Gypsum Decoration and Design, Mold, FRP Works, Material supplier, and Interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shahenoor Corporation is a leading Gypsum Decoration material supplier and Interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are selling gypsum decoration material, rubber, cement, FRP works, pottery maker, dice, forma, dies, mold, cement pillar, cement Janela frame, and main gate.


Interior Design Bangladesh AR Design Construction is the top Interior Design and Exterior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide wide-ranging and complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design rudiments to complete the project. We are specialized in interior and exterior design for Architectural Design & Consultancy, Floor Planning, Auto Cad Design, 3D visualization, Interior Design & Decoration, Exterior Design, Event Management, Solution, Total Branding, Residence, Office, Hospital, Bank, Showroom, Pavilion, Outlet, Resort, Eco-Resort, Five -Star Hotel, Fountain and Landscaping.


Zero Inch Interior is the leading interior architecture & fit-out company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.