Commercial Office Interior Tips and Ideas

Designing Commercial Office Interior: Tips and Ideas

Commercial office interior design can be quite challenging. However, unlike residential interiors, commercial environments should be able to foster productivity, enhance brand identity, and accommodate a diverse group of employees as well as potential clients. Whether you are renovating it or starting from scratch, these tips and ideas will aid in creating a functional and […]

Zero Inch Interiors Ltd: Redefining Interior Architecture in Dhaka

In the bustling city of Dhaka, where the fusion of tradition and modernity is palpable, Zero Inch Interiors Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of interior architecture. Founded by Interior Architect Muhammad Ariful Islam, Zero Inch Interiors is reshaping Dhaka’s design landscape with its visionary approach and commitment to sustainability. A […]


The Vital Role of Interior Design Firms

In the bustling metropolis of Dhaka, where rapid urbanization and population growth present both challenges and opportunities, interior design firms emerge as key players in shaping the city’s urban fabric. Their multifaceted contributions to Dhaka’s architectural identity and livability are pivotal in creating functional, sustainable, and culturally rich spaces that resonate with the diverse communities […]

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Commercial Interior Design: Elevating Spaces for Success

Commercial interior design is not just about arranging furniture; it’s a strategic endeavor that aims to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that align with the brand and purpose of a business. In today’s competitive business environment, the importance of well-designed commercial spaces cannot be overstated. Key Elements of Commercial Interior Design Space Planning: The backbone […]