Decorate your Little Angel’s Room Interior Designer in Dhaka

Interior designer in dhaka have spent a lot of time researching on what the ideal look should be for the children’s room. Your children’s room is the playful corner of your house where your little ones play, learn new things and daydream. It should not just look aesthetically refreshing but should also be practical. If you are in confusion regarding how to go about designing your little angel’s room, our interior designers at Zero Inch Interiors has rounded up some ideas. So, let’s make it playful!

Involve your Little One

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When decorating your kid’s room, it is important that you take their opinions. However, interior designers in Dhaka warn that children’s preferences do change so make sure whatever ideas they give sound realistic. For instance, in the case of choosing accessories and colour, go for the ones that are easily replaceable.

Bring a Little Fun to it!

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The main idea should be to make a playful corner that gives your children scope for growth. Your children’s room should reflect their personality. Go easy on the age-sensitive themes and use those items that can be updated easily like cushions, artwork, bed sheet etc.

Think Colourful but not too Funky

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Incorporate your children’s favourite colours on the accent wall through fresh coats of paints or wallpapers.  There are colours that are effective both visually and psychologically. For example, according to many interior designers in Dhaka, blue is a relaxing colour that encourages creativity and makes the room look calm. Yellow is a playful colour that promotes a friendly environment. Pastel colours are also very much nowadays. Avoid using colours that are dull like black or grey for your kid’s room.

Pay attention to the Lighting

Your kid’s room should have enough scope of natural light since it’s important for the physical and mental growth of the children. It also keeps their mood upbeat. In term of artificial lighting, keep it soft yet lively to encourage both study time and playtime. Apartments in Dhaka are quite congested, so you can take the help of the interior designers in Dhaka to set up the proper lighting for your kid’s room.

Youthful Furnishings

The most fun in the children’s room can be brought through the furnishings. Your children’s toy collection can be displayed in a toy corner skillfully. Interior designers in Dhaka Zero Inch suggest fun furnishing like chalkboard wall or a painting corner with an easel setup will let your kid’s produce masterpieces. Also, use bright coloured textiles to promote a happy mood. If your child loves reading books, create a small living corner.

Your children’s room has a lot of scope of experimentation. You can involve an interior designer in Dhaka, like Zero Inch Interiors in designing it. We ensure that all requirements of your children’s room are met and it stays in harmony with the rest of the interior design on the house.


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