lighting & interior design in bangladesh

Lighting & Interior Design in Bangladesh

Lighting & Interior Design in Bangladesh is a new discussion in our context. The element of light  is considered to be crucial in interior design Bangladesh. Illumination is something that is always at the back of one’s mind when home or business owners envision decorating their living or office spaces respectively. There is of course the might of natural sunlight, but that only suffices for a portion of the day when the sun is out, and also for a city like Dhaka where isolated buildings are a rarity, 360 degree sunlight is considered a luxury. Hence, the choice of lighting fixtures become even more vital.  At Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd, we are fully aware of this fact and are committed to take advantage of it. After planning and executing an interior design, the end result needs to be evaluated by the client to see if it is to their liking. But this final display can be altered greatly depending on what type of lighting fixture we use, and this article talks about three different types of lighting that can be used to illuminate a certain space with varying degrees of customization.

Ambient lighting is what most people are familiar with, Lighting & Interior Design in Bangladesh and it is used to give a room an overall and general illumination. Most ceiling and wall mounted lighting fixtures serve the purpose of providing ambient lighting. The lamp shades are constructed in such a way that spreads the light evenly across the space of the whole room.  Accent lightning is different from ambient lighting in that it is directional. If the client has any particular objects that they want to highlight, accent lighting is a tremendous option for such a case. Examples include certain pictures, furniture or houseplants or any other cherished possessions. Track lighting is one of the best tools to accomplish this. It features several light heads that are suspended from the ceiling. These heads are adjustable and can be pointed at a certain direction to brighten a specific focal point. Lastly,

we discuss Task Lighting. Task Lighting has the same concept as Accent Lightning, only difference being that the light is geared towards doing specific tasks rather than for aesthetics purely. Examples include performing routine activities in the bathroom mirror, or reading at a desk by the virtue of a reading lamp, or the installment of under the cabinet lights in the kitchen to better perform kitchen duties. All are extremely useful and help to bring forth a living space that is not only pleasing to the eye Lighting & Interior Design in Bangladesh but also practical for daily living. At Zero Tech Interior Design, we aim to produce and implement your desired design through a large variety of design concepts. One such concept is lightning, and there is so much more to delve into covering this one topic. But whatever the lens of scope is, our interior designers will consider all nuances in tools to turn your dreams to a reality ambient lighting interior design.

Based out of Uttara, we are well equipped to serve other major neighborhoods of Dhaka City such as Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi etc.  Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd  always strives to explore new frontiers of interior design.

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