Top 10 Office Interior Design Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Retail interior Design Companies in Dhaka

Trying to find the top 10 retail interior design companies near you? You’re at the right place. Humans are highly visual and most of our sensory information comes from the eyes. So, when a brand wants to attract customers to its shop, the retail interior design needs to be designed by an expert. As one of the best retail interior design companies in Dhaka, Zero Inch Interiors has years of experience in designing visually attractive retail outlets keeping the customer’s psychology and the brand’s philosophy in mind. If you are wanting to design your retail outlet’s interior, you need to give some thought to who to hire for this job! We are here to help you ease your decision.

1. Zero Inch Interiors Ltd – With years of experience in retail design, and working with renowned brands, we at Zero Inch Interiors have mastered this art. Starting from the initial planning to the delivery, the main trick to retail store design is to understand the customer and the brand they speak for and Zero Inch Interiors does it perfectly.
House 14, Road 6/a, Sector 5, Uttara, Dhaka-1230‏, Bangladesh



2. Dhaka Decor – Dhaka Decor Interiors company puts a lot of attention on brand guidelines and designs retail stores utilizing the space perfectly. They have experience of working with some top brands in the country.

3. Bd Interior – Visual merchandising is an important factor in retail interior design in Bangladesh. It cannot be outlet overlooked. C Company is skillful in designing retail outlets with window displays. Window displays are usually the first thing a customer will notice when they walk past a store and Bd Interior with its expertise takes care of that.

4. Tros Interior– Tros Interior company is known for bringing bold and innovative design ideas while planning a retail interior design. They have worked with several popular brands and have gained a reputation for their thoughtful design process.

5. Design Associates – Known for designing outlets of many retail outlets that customers love. It is an ideal choice for customers who are looking for a unique touch in their retail interior design.

6. Bangla Interior – With their specialization in retail interior design and office design, Bangla Interior is a great choice among many other retail interior design companies near you. They design modern and contemporary interiors keeping the client’s requirements in mind.

7. Dream Touch Architects Ltd. – Dream Touch Architects Ltd. Interior Decor is an interior design company that draws inspiration from its passion for designing breathtaking spaces. This is what makes their retail interior design so unique, full of life, and extraordinary. Their portfolio has made them one of the best interior design companies out there.

8. InteriorConceptsBD – What makes InteriorConceptsBD a good decision is its ability to handle a wide range of projects on varied scales. They have a versatile team who designs a number of different projects starting from residences to office and retail outlets.

9. Studio Triangle – Studio Triangle’s work has left a large mark in the interior design industry of Bangladesh as they handle a wide spectrum of interior design projects starting from lavish houses, restaurants, and cafes to shops.

10. Byteshakedesign– With a highly evolved design approach, By shake design handles each retail interior design project with utmost care. In their work, they use a combination of designs to tell the brand story perfectly. They have the expertise to perceive a space and give it the ideal look it demands.


Zero Inch Interior is the leading interior architecture & fit-out company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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