interior design company in dhaka

Interior design company in Dhaka

Zero Inch Interior’s Ltd. is a leading architecture, interiors and strategic planning company which has already made a tremendous impact in the world of interior design company in Dhaka. It was established in 2009 and since then we can make positive impressions through offering our clients some quality work. We always aim to create a competitive environment in the interior design market. So a client can easily understand the difference between us and other interior design company in Dhaka. As a leading interior design company in Dhaka, we try to work consistently with creativity, high-end finishes and attention to detail. Our focus is always on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and genuinely reflecting a client’s personality or brand. By offering unique interior design to our clients we want to enrich their personality and style. Everyone in our society desires to have some exceptional atmosphere in home and office for relaxing their own mind which also provides health benefits or beauty. When we take any project whether it is office interior design or home interior design, we always made our mind to perform with quality in order to fulfill the desire of our clients.

interior design company in Dhaka

Creating extraordinary environment

Space decorating is the vital factor when any interior designer goes to complete any project. By decorating ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments for commercial, corporate, medical, and retail operations we made special attraction to our clients and also able to made enough impact to interior design in Dhaka.

Manageable Deadlines

We always focus on rejoicing our clients by making an exceptional interior design projects in a timely manner. In recent times we are highly proud and delighted to execute various fast track interior designs in Dhaka without any disappointment of a customer. It identifies the critical path of activity against a timeline, and allows our creative interior designer team to plan activities, monitor progress and identify where additional resources are required. This closely managed process gives our clients the reassurance that we will meet the timescales and budgets agreed at the outset so that we build up a strong relationship.

Quality terms

Successful delivery of your project to our customers involves a diverse range of individuals, skill-sets, and specialist knowledge, who come together to carry your project through from inception to completion, handover and ongoing support. We perform quality testing of material procured from leading company that ensures that no secondary products are used in our projects. By giving this opportunity to our customers we can able to add quality assurance to the market of interior design in Dhaka.



Friendly cost

Every project we work on is guided by our skillful interior designer team of chartered quantity surveyors, estimators and procurement specialists, who work together to manage budgets and deliver the best value for every corner of the project. That’s how we make the difference between us and other interior design company in Dhaka. Our full interior design team looks not just at the cost of delivering a project, but at the total cost of ownership and lifetime value of the structure, so that the environments we create continue to deliver magnificent value over time and are cost-effective to run and maintain. That’s how we look to earn positive response and enriching the quality of interior design in Dhaka day by day.

The team we have is the specialist in furniture segment who have years of experience in designing with, specifying and procuring a wide range of basic and specialist products including the all tools we used during interior design projects that strike the perfect balance between cost, aesthetics, flexibility and durability. They have enough knowledge about the whole situation of interior design. We leverage our buying power and relationships with a wide range of suppliers to design and deliver perfect solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We also offer to enjoy our service and let ourselves to be a leading interior design company in Dhaka.



Zero Inch Interior is the leading interior architecture & fit-out company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.